Monday, August 9, 2010

Trailers: Jackass 3-D + Unstoppable

Good morning, two new trailers to kick off Monday for you. First up, Jackass 3-D: it was bound to happen sooner or later, and the trailer promises more of their wildly irresponsible stunts and antics. Some of it looks pretty amusing, but I also can't help but feel a little meh - like the novelty's worn off. For example, the bit where the gorilla enters the living room of Bam Margera's long-suffering parents' house... look at his mum's reaction... the surprise on her face doesn't even look convincing anymore, and almost feigned.

Secondly, 20th Century Fox's Unstoppable, another Tony Scott/Denzel Washington collab, and the 2nd train movie they've done together following last year's mediocre remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. I'm more excited about this one, I'm getting a real Runaway Train vibe from the trailer (though perhaps minus the existentialist stuff). I doubt it'll be as great, but it'll be entertaining at very least. Star Trek's Chris Pine also stars.

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