Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th: Special Screening!

If you're in Auckland tonight and at a loss for something to do...

(from the facebook event)

Old School Horror on the Big Screen for Friday 13th

Venue : Academy Cinema

Tickets : Oldschool Price - $9.99

Available from Box office in Academy Cinema, under the Auckland City Public Library in Lorne Street,
on the 13th from 1pm.

When the Incredibly Strange team were young we used to look forward to every Friday 13th on the calendar year because that meant a horror film would be on the big screen.

However somewhere along the way distributors simply couldn't be fucked in providing some thrills for the kids on this very special day. So here at Incredibly Strange HQ we find that lack of showmanship pretty damn dire and to prove a point, we're going to screen some old school 35mm horror for the movie fiends in Auckland.

From the prolific and diverse mind of Umberto Lenzi (one of Italy's greatest genre directors), comes the deranged zombie flick NIGHTMARE CITY aka CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD. A zombie pic that delivers the meaty goods in a kooky pic that breaks all the rules of the walking dead. For starters these zombies are fucking fast and they're no dummies either, they're happy to either chow down or use a machine gun on your arse.

The film has none of the mean-spiritedness of his MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY but contains the utter lunacy and high gore factor of Lenzi's EATEN ALIVE and IRON MASTER. It has an inept lead who producers forced onto Lenzi, not exactly what you'd expect from the 'heroic male' lead.

******BONUS BONUS*********

Roadshow Distributors are releasing an upcoming film that all incredibly strange fans will want to check out. They're supporting old school horror by giving us 100 dbl passes to give out to fans.

So the first 100 people to buy a ticket on the night will receive a free double pass (worth $36) to Alexandre Aja's kickass PIRANHA 3D

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