Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life After Lost

It hasn't been easy the last few months, following the finale of the dearly departed LOST, but I've been coping fairly okay... until now. A bunch of Lost-related news have surfaced to remind us fans that yes, it's really over folks, and we need to move on:

If you're a memorabilia collector type, and want to have a physical piece of the show hanging/sitting in your living/bedroom, you'll have the chance now to bid on all sorts of stuff at the Official Show Auction of Lost. Like for instance, a piece of Oceanic 815:

And the Dharma Van, Locke's Wheelchair, Juliet's Jumpsuit, Dharma Beer, Sawyer's Beach Camp Chair, you name it - it's probably there. Good news for non-US fans is that you can also join the bidding online through liveauctioneers.com.

That's all relatively normal compared to Pitchfork's report today that a photo of Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley, will grace the cover of nerd-rockers Weezer's next album. Naturally, the album will be called Hurley...

For those who missed the finale on TV, Season 6 is due to come out in October and you can add it your queue here. Here's a teaser of the very last footage of Lost we'll ever see, a 12-minute epilogue called The New Man in Charge that'll appear as an extra on the release:

After watching that, I'm craving for some sort of spin-off action. But for now, goodnight Lost.

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