Friday, August 28, 2009

Hitler Finds Out Avatar Trailer is Crap

The blogosphere is currently rife with dissenting opinions on the Avatar preview/trailer, and also lots of Tarantino/Inglourious Basterds chatter - so why not, sort of, kinda, combine the two? This is another one of those Downfall parodies that seem to pop up every time there's widespread disappointment in the media about some major event (more Hitler spoofs here). As far as it goes, it's not bad, with some good lines: "Cameron has spent too much time underwater and has taken the Hollywood opiate of putting technology before story!".

Also, if you want more Tarantino/Basterds-related reading material, check these links out: QT's Top 20 Grindhouse Movies & Spaghetti Westerns; Five Things You Should Know About Basterds; interesting piece about Basterds' structure.

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