Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tarantino's Top 20 Films Since 1992

This is an interesting little clip of Quentin Tarantino listing the Top 20 films he's seen since he started making movies. Judging by the clips that play underneath him, this looks like it was filmed around Death Proof time. Initially it seems like a largely mainstream/populist/US-centric list - with a few expected Asian festival favourites like The Host and Battle Royale - and that Tarantino hasn't seen that many movies - but thinking about it now, most of those films do fit in with the kind of genre stuff he's grown up with and been influenced by. A couple weird curveballs in there (Lost in Translation? Dogville?? - which he believes to be one of the "greatest scripts ever"). I liked his bit about Speed - I'm with him 100% there. Unbreakable is an interesting pick too; for all the critical drubbing M. Night gets, I think it's his best film, and really underrated IMHO. A few more sleeps before Inglourious Basterds opens!!

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