Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Street Fighter: The Movie: What Went Wrong

If you love juicy, head-slapping stories about troubled film productions, this epic piece by Chris Plante on 1994's Street Fighter is one terrifically entertaining read. Although I've always appreciated Steven E. de Souza's film for its campy appeal, as have many others, it's going to need a re-watch with Plante's detailed report in mind. I had no idea so much crazy shit when down, off-and-on set. From crew members getting sick to Van Damme's out-of-control behaviour, it's kind of a miracle the movie made it out alive and went on to make some dough. One has to feel a bit of pity for de Souza -- the former screenwriting king of action movies (Die Hard, Commando) -- to have gone through this ordeal for his first big screen effort (the guy has never directed another theatrical feature to date).

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