Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trailer: Godzilla

Last time Hollywood tried to do a Godzilla and it didn't turn out so good, so this hotly anticipated forthcoming remake by Gareth Edwards has nowhere to go but up really. Edwards has only one film to his name, the indie alien invasion flick Monsters, but with that, he's already proven himself an elegant and smart handler of special effects, and this thundering stomp of a trailer is a promising glimpse of what he might be able to do on a larger canvas. The question remains though is whether Godzilla '14 will offer anything more than the de riguer city-demolishing spectacle that's now the blockbuster norm (see everything Cloverfield to Pacific Rim). Watch the trailer below, where we get to see Heisenberg get all growly again, jets falling from the sky, nuclear mushroom clouds and a wee peek at the Big G. It's out on May 15; if you feel like revisiting the 1954 original before then, you can rent it here.

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