Friday, September 14, 2012

Knowles on Kane

When Sight and Sound published their latest Top 10 a month or so ago, naming Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo as the #1, and knocking off Orson Welles' Citizen Kane off the throne, no doubt a lot of people were incensed (I have no qualms myself!). One of them was Ain't It Cool News' head Harry Knowles, who's now created a video professing his love for Welles' film and explaining why it should still be the greatest film of all time. Depending on how you feel about Knowles' style, his fanboy gushing can either be grating or infectious, but in this vid, he does make valid points about Kane's massive influence on cinema, particularly in the technical aspects. The only problem is when he starts off on a weird tangent about The Cabin in the Woods (Welles and Drew Goddard should not even be mentioned in the same sentence!) - he strains for credibility, and I kinda tuned out. It's worth a watch anyway, it works as an easy-to-digest primer on Kane (note: SPOILERS ABOUND!). P.S.: Kane is coming to Blu-ray end of October. Reserve your copy here.

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