Friday, September 21, 2012

End-of-Week News Round-up

It's been another too-busy-to-blog week so here are a few items and news of interest:


  • Way back in April when I last did this round-up, I featured the first look of Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock. Now's here the first look of the poster for the film. Looks fantastic.
  • Resident Fatso film geek Steve is currently in the US enjoying the glorious feast-of-film that is the Fantastic Fest, and he'll covering his experience over at Flicks - here's the first entry with his cinema-hopping-partner-in-crime Andrew Todd.
  • There won't be a NZ Film Awards this year, but The Moas will be happening, a "Sorta Unofficial" celebration of the year in NZ film. More details here.
  • James Gunn, director of Slither and Super, has been hired to write and direct Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not at all familiar with these characters (superhero raccoons?) but it'll definitely be interesting to see Gunn's transition from his dark indie roots to something more blockbuster-y.
  • Cinema Ninjas - One of the odder developments in cinema-going recently, London's Prince Charles Cinema have hired to people to dress up in bodysuits to go round shhhing punters who're being noisy etc. It looks like a prank or something, but it doesn't seem to be. Watch the vid below:
  • P.T. Anderson's new flick The Master is getting a lot of coverage around the place lately, here's a brief clip of him talking about it and shooting on 65mm film:
  • This movie looks kinda embarrassing and cringe but if you're a fan of late singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley, you might to want to check this trailer for Greetings from Tim Buckley:

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