Monday, May 9, 2011

Trailer: Colombiana

In the hopes of repeating the success of his surprise hit Taken a few years ago, Luc Besson's back with Colombiana, an action thriller starring Avatar's Zoe Saldana as a stealthy killer looking for her parent's murderers. Featuring an international cast, including our own Cliff Curtis, and directed by Transporter 3's Oliver "not Megatron" Megaton, the film looks to be very much in the same vein as Besson's female assassin-type flicks Leon and La Femme Nikita, and fits well with the recent trend of grrrl-power action films such as Sucker Punch, Salt, Kick-Ass and the forthcoming Hanna. Saldana looks feisty in the trailer, demonstrating maybe more range than she might have under thick Na'vi make-up. Ange Jolie step back...

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