Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My VCR Collection VHS Recorder

Apologies in advance for this post - and any future VHS-related posts - I realise I work for a DVD company, but I grew up in the age of VHS so I still have lot of nostalgia for the format, especially since now it's obsolete.

First up, this is a bizarre clip of a German dude with a mean bowl cut showing off his VCR collection. Backed by soundtrack themes for films like Star Wars and Ghostbusters (!?), he drones on for an interminable 8 minutes in his thick accent, commenting on the different models - "Panasonic is very good". It's fascinating to watch in a mind-melting WTF way.

Second up, something from the Found Footage guys, who've unearthed some hilarious gems from trawling through garage sales and trash bins over the years. In this clip they pick some of their best-worst VHS covers. They're a bit annoying to watch as usual, but it's worth it just for the covers:

Best-worst VHS covers, part one

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