Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trailer: Machete + Lego Version

I see the future of movies - and it's all fake trailers being turned into real movies. Here's another one of them in the pipeline: Machete, Rob Rodriguez's Mexploitation actioner which originally appeared on his and Tarantino's ill-fated Grindhouse project. 

A few things of interest to note: 
  • it's the first lead role for Danny Trejo, the Mexican-American character who's appeared in hundreds of films in heavy/tough guy/henchmen-type parts (he's 66!) 
  • Jeff Fahey (for Lost fans like myself who can't get enough of Lapidus)! 
  • Steven Seagal, back on the big screen - now how did Rodriguez rope Seagal in for this? The guy turned down The Expendables!
  • Michelle Rodriguez - same role she's played in every movie she's ever been in...
  • Jessica Alba/Linsday Lohan - weak
  • Don Johnson - love the tufts of grey hair showing under the hat
Everything in the trailer looks a bit too self-consciously tongue-in-cheek, but it'll be a treat to see those old-timers getting some theatrical action.

And now the LEGO VERSION by some dedicated fanboy:

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