Monday, April 26, 2010

Short Film: The Raven

Ok here it is, the latest web short film sensation thing that's probably on the way to create some District 9-like buzz soon. Apparently Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil made it for only $5K. There seems to be a growing trend with these "calling card" shorts: show how much bang you can deliver for a small buck and you'll have studios lining up to make you offers (also related: the declining need for A-list names). And sure, The Raven is a glossy, polished product with impressive special effects, but also terribly derivative and not the least bit interesting. It falls in the same boat as Panic Attack! - no matter how fancy the CGI is, it looks like dozens of other films (clue: aliens/robots/end-of-the-world etc).

I should add that Montreuil isn't some newbie but already an established filmmaker in his home country with many commercials, music videos and at least two features under his belt. So it's not a "calling card" for a young filmmaker as such, but it is one for Hollywood, who're all about the kind of blockbuster-ready spectacle which The Raven so slickly provides in bitesize form.

THE RAVEN - 720 HD from THE RAVEN FILM on Vimeo.

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