Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V: Brief Reactions from a Non-Gamer

Full disclosure: I am in no way a hardcore gamer of any sort. The last time I seriously "gamed" was probably when I was 10, playing Super Mario on a Gameboy (these days I'm occasionally distracted by Jewels Saga on my phone). I guess you could call me a "noob" when it comes to PS3, 360, etc. You can imagine my surprise then, that I found myself completely mesmerised by Grand Theft Auto V over the weekend. I went through a mixture of reactions while playing it, mostly variations on these:
Like many people, I decided to take a day off work to delve into the GTA V world, only to discover that I've barely scraped the surface. The possibilities seem endless, the expanse of its virtual universe breathtaking and mind-bogglingly detailed. It offers a bounty of heart-stopping action-adventure-type pleasures (I can die happy now knowing what it's like to be in a Ronin-like car chase), but from a technical and aesthetic standpoint, it's just as exciting to simply look at. GTA V is addictive, insane, and INSANELY fun -- almost to the point of inducing nausea. This closes my first ever "game review".

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