Thursday, March 14, 2013

Veronica Mars Movie Gets a Kickstart... How About a 24 Movie?

Ever since high school detective show Veronica Mars went off air in 2007, its ardent fans have been clamouring for a movie. Now it's likely their wish may come true with a Kickstarter campaign launched by creator Rob Thomas to raise $2 million to get the project off the ground. Within four hours, it has raised $1 million, and the number is climbing as I write this. Check out this interview with the guy who pledged $10K for a speaking part in the film.

Great to see it doing well - and so quickly - and it makes me wonder if other similar TV projects could do the same. More specifically... 24!
The movie's been on the back-burner since the show was cancelled 3 years ago, with plenty of negotiation setbacks between star Kiefer Sutherland and Fox delaying progress (not to mention a certain lame show he's committed to). But recent word from Antoine Fuqua, who was in talks to do the movie, has all but confirmed the worst: it's dead. Strangely enough, Fuqua's new film, Olympus Has Fallen, has a very 24-feel to it, and pretty much swipes the White House siege subplot from the seventh season of the show. Anywho if anyone does end up doing a 24 Kickstarter, I'd definitely chuck in $20 towards it...

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