Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The NZFF: Preliminary Ramble

By now all of Auckland's self-respecting film geeks will probably have in their hands the programme for the 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival and be keenly scrutinising it with a mix of awe and excitement at the cinematic treats that await them from July 19 - August 5. A few notes:
  • The launch last night at Rialto was maybe the most packed one I've ever attended. A choice of two films were screened: Searching for Sugar Man, Monsieur Lazhar. Couldn't stay for them, but have heard some positive words about Sugar Man.
  • Nearly all films at this year's festival will screen in the DCP format (RIP 35mm). In his speech NZFF director Bill Gosden mentioned this year is a turning point for the fest.
  • Nice to see a good selection of Cannes hits playing: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Holy Motors, Reality, Amour, Moonrise Kingdom.
  • If the Incredibly Strange section feels a bit slight, it's 'cos several films were yanked, beyond programmer Ant Timpson's control, at the last minute. Still... The Cabin in the Woods at the CIVIC!
  • Peter Jackson will be attending the West of Memphis screening, along with Damien Echols! There's only 1 screening for this so get your tickets early to avoid missing out.
  • Auckland Art Gallery has come on board as a venue, but where art thou Academy Cinemas?
  • No Cosmopolis?
  • Film most excited about: The Imposter. I've deliberately tried to read as little about it as possible. Gonna go into this one blind. Have not even seen the trailer.
  • Most gutted about missing: West of Memphis, Holy Motors, The Shining, Killer Joe.
  • So far on my schedule: a meagre 12 films. Not a reflection on the festival itself, but just me having to fit around more commitments than usual this year.

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