Tuesday, November 30, 2010

R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen & Irvin Kershner

The film world received a double-whammy blow yesterday when news emerged that actor Leslie Nielsen (84) and director Irvin Kershner (87) had passed away. They were both iconic in their own distinguished ways: Nielsen was the perpetually deadpan grey-haired buffoon of spoof films like Airplane! and The Naked Gun, while Kershner will be forever be remembered for directing one of the greatest sequels of all time: The Empire Strikes Back (we won't say anything about Robocop 2...). RIP fellas.

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  1. lest we forget, Neilsen was also a great dramatic actor: see his roles in FORBIDDEN PLANET, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE and DAY OF THE ANIMALS (fighting a bear!) to name a few highlights.