Thursday, September 9, 2010

In Cinemas This Week

Exit Through The Gift Shop - (Pick of the Week) Graffiti art genius and controversial art provocateur, Banksy, takes to directing in this compelling puzzle-box of a film that may or may not be a complete outright lie. Obsessive documentary maker Theirry Guetta tries to document the general street art scene and soon falls in with Banksy and his crowd. Banksy, however, is unimpressed with his efforts and provokes Guetta to make some art of his own, turning the whole idea of how a documentary should work on its head. Are we being toyed with by a master craftsman, is this an elaborate art prank in and of itself, or is this simply a verite glimpse into a mad world of art eating its own pretensions? See it and decide for yourself, when this fascinating documentary opens this week.

A Prophet - French crime-drama about a young prison inmate who becomes a kingpin of the Cosican mob from his prison cell. Has been winning awards at major film festivals all over the globe, but don't expect this to be some Tarantino-inspired crime caper, this is a dark anxiety, yet a powerful piece of storytelling with a very bleak outlook on the world. From Jacques Audiard, the director of The Beat My Heart Skipped and Read My Lips.

Centurion - Neill Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday) returns with this big-budget epic looking story of the Roman conquest of Britian in the 2nd Century BC. Quintius Dias (Inglourious Basterds' Michael Fassbender) must lead a group of soldiers to rescue a general (Dominic West - The Wire) who has been held captive by a Pict tribe. The general is soon murdered however and the soldiers must run for their lives from the hellbent revenge filled leader of the Pict (Olga Kurylenko - Quantum of Solace). The trailer looks extremely trashy and the style looks like another over-the-top 300 clone, but this could be a cool popcorn action epic to see on Saturday night!

I Am Love - Epic drama about an Italian family who must face change head-on. The Recchi's family patriarch, Eduardo Snr. (Gabriele Ferzetti - Once Upon A Time In The West) has decided to pass on the reigns of his multi-million dollar company by splitting the control between his son Tancredi (Pippo Delbono) and grandson Edo (Flavio Parenti). Edo has aspirations a a restaurateur, however, and tries to break from his grandfather's wishes, leading to a rift in the family. Also, featuring Tilda Swinton (Orlando, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe) as Tancredi's loving attentive Russian wife.

The Runaways - Musical "rock chick" bio-pic about 70s band "The Runaways" and especially focused on lead singer Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning - War of the Worlds), based on her biography. Also featuring Kirsten Stewart (Adventureland) as female rock icon Joan Jett. Has been winning accolades for its rich texture, fascinating performances and excellent attention to details of the period. Written and directed by debut director Floria Sigismondi.

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