Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Cinemas This Week

It's baaaaack! Sorry for the hiatus folks, things have been awfully busy around Fatso HQ and I simply haven't had the time to keep up with what has been happening in cinemas of late.

Cemetery Junction - Comedy superstar duo Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant written and directed feature, set in 1970s working-class England, about three young men realizing the frustrations of living in a small town when your aspirations are set high. The leads (Christian Cooke, Tom Hughes, Jack Doolan) are relative newcomers, capably supported by some heavy-weights of UK cinema (Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson , Julia Davis), as well as a dry turn from Gervais himself as a lout.

Shrek Forever After - Part of the glut of 3D animation at the moment, here's the forth entry in the Skrek franchise. This outing stars the usual big-shot Hollywood voice talent (Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas) with some extra special guests (Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Kathy Griffin). In both regular cinemas and eye-popping 3D. Pump you kids full of sugar and take them along, they'll love you for it!

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