Friday, February 26, 2010

Remembering the Laserdisc

This clip made me laugh and a little nostalgic for that dinosaur of a format, the LASERDISC! I recall way back when I watched things like Star Wars and Reservoir Dogs first on LD at my cousin's thinking it was the greatest invention ever. Looking at it now, it's easier to laugh (in fondness of course). Is it just me or do they look way more primitive than VHS? The size of the disc looks positively prehistoric, like some short-lived artifact that time forgot. When the commentator of this clip initially pulls out the disc it's enough to make you gasp in awe. And you gotta flip the damn thing! But he also makes some interesting points on the differences between LD and DVD (exclusive extra features, the cool vinyl-like gate-fold packaging etc) that acknowledges its collectibility and advantages. (warning: contains offensive language)

After watching that I recommend checking out this article about the Art of the Japanese Laserdisc Jacket. Very cool. Man that Crash cover design is awesome. So anyone out there used to own an LD player? (or still own one?)

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