Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trailer Befuddlement: After Last Season

This film is positively blowing minds in the film blogosphere at the moment - or to be more precise, the trailer is; only a few fortunate (or unfortunate) souls have actually managed to witness the whole thing (it only played a few theatres in the states). So WTF is it? Watch this trailer first and tell us what you think:

I've already seen it a few times and am still trying to process everything that happens in it: the naked, cheap-ass sets (CARBOARD MRI MACHINE!), the robotic acting, the wonky compositions, the weird computer graphics. It's shot on 35mm to boot and if IMDB is anything to be believed, made for $5 million!!! Who are these people? Where did this film come from? Is it for real? Or is it an elaborate joke??

Someone's already started a facebook group; if you go there you can see a clip of some people who've actually seen it and their reactions. Whatever After Last Season is, I hope who ever made it will keep us guessing for a bit longer. It's incredible.

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